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Foreigners Retiring in the Philippines

Foreigners retiring in the Philippines offer distinct advantages that can be capitalized on, such as its tropical climate, caring and friendly people, cheaper cost of living, natural tourist attractions, beautiful beaches and outstanding scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Philippines is the only English speaking country in Asia. It has a culture known for its hospitality, beautiful beaches and warm and friendly people.

You can experience a high grade of living for a very low cost. And that means with loyal live-in maids and helpers, cheap taxis, fine rental homes in quality neighborhoods with cheaper rent cost.

The Philippines have a wide range of entertainment from exciting nightlife to golf, first class restaurants to stunning beautiful resorts beyond compare. There is always a colorful Fiesta, beauty pageant, street festival, and open public events going on.

Lush with lavish natural resources, foreigners retiring in the Philippines give you the chance to enjoy the various beaches, resorts, golf courses, and play just about any sport, except skiing. Scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing are among the sports which draw the most number of expats to the rich aquatic offerings.

Marriage to a Filipino Citizen

Though you are officially a tourist, you have effectively retired in the Philippines. Marriage to a Filipino citizen permits you to live and you can retire in the Philippines as a permanent resident immigrant without the above restrictions, other than an annual visit to an immigration office.

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