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Can You Invest in Philippines?

But you must rent or lease the building you work in and the house you live in because of existing laws, unless you are married to a Philippine citizen. Foreigners are not allowed to own real Invest in Philippines, though they can lease for up to 50 years with and option for another 25 that is more than enough for me.

Legislation has been proposed to allow foreigners to own some property. But it has not passed as yet. I believe if it does it will allow only enough for a domestic dwelling.

Invest in Philippines - How about Jobs?

There are few jobs available to foreigners unless are married to a Filipina or Filipino. If so, you don't even have to apply for a work permit, just register at your local office of the Department of Labor and Employment, (DOLE).

The rational behind this prohibition against foreigners working is that there are not enough jobs to go around for qualified Filipinos.

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