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Retirement Philippines

Retirement to me means relaxing and enjoying life and what better way than in a tropical environment. Retirement Philippines can be exceptionally hot and humid but don’t forget that you can now afford to retire in the Philippines, by the beach with the cool sea air blowing into your face or you can afford air conditioning.

Now it is true that not everyone enjoys the hot humid weather, but do not despair there is beautiful places in the Philippines that are cool and Baguio City is a prime example. It is known as the summer capital of the Philippines, cool fresh mountain air.

There is a retirement place in the Philippines for everyone; you too can enjoy the warm weather. 

Filipinos Retirement Philippines

The Filipino people are among the friendliest in the world. They are giving and so very relaxed. For a country and people that is so poor, they are rich beyond belief in happiness and joy. Life is what it is and a smile is always readily given.

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