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Retiring in the Philippines

A lot of foreigners contemplate on retiring overseas for different reasons - better climate, new adventures, or a cheaper cost of living. The Philippines is slowly rising as one of the best retirement country of choice because of its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and of course, the cheap cost of living.

Planning for a budget for retiring in the Philippines actually depends on you. What kind of lifestyle do you actually want?

The Philippines is consisting of more than 7,000 islands, and you can expect that the country has a various culture and lifestyle. Do you like the big city living and reside in Manila, where you have immediate access to large shopping malls, nightlife, commercial establishments and offices? Or would you prefer live in a quieter and mid-sized urban city like Cebu or Davao? Do you want a more country lifestyle, such as in Subic, Dumaguete, or Bacolod? Or would you prefer to live in a tropical island paradise such as Boracay and Palawan, which has the best beaches in the world?

If you are intending of retiring in the Philippines, set your budget depending on the lifestyle that you really wanted as well as your everyday needs, and do your own research to prepare that you are about to make.

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